Management, Security Plan

  • Identify and evaluate security for your company from week 1, which is an Adult daycare for Alzheimer and dementia patients  .  Produce a security plan that will prevent intrusions and other crimes. 
  1. Provide information about computer exploits and the impact they would have on your company.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a strong security program for your company. Identify specific measures your company will use to prevent computer crime.
  3. Would IT security for your company be handled best as an internal or external IT solution? Provide two reasons why.
  4. Outline actions that must be taken in the event of a successful security intrusion and what the recovery plan would be.
  • Your explanation should be competed in a word document.  Include a one paragraph response for each bullet point listed above.
  • My book is Principles of information systems, 13 edition, by Ralph M. Stair and George W.Reynolds

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