Marketing Fundamentals Presentation

Each student will prepare a 10-minute presentation of the assigned topic (from the list below) to the entire class. Topic must be approved in advance by Instructor. Students will have a minimum of four credible Sources including the textbook. Other sources might include: Marketing books, Journals, American Marketing Association, and other reputable publications. Furthermore, the student will also prepare two very creative questions to the class in order to entice discussion about the topic, and submit it to the instructor for review and approval prior to the class presentation. A presentation with 7 to 10 PowerPoint slides is suggested or any other media to convey the message to the class to encourage engagement. Here are five sections students need to cover in the topic presentations; suggest student prepare at least one slide for each of these five items:

1) Brief overview/introduction on the topic: include industry “hot buttons”

2) Current market situation in this field (two examples of how the topic is utilized/implemented/practiced by companies in the market)

3) Future opportunities and challenges for marketers in this field

4) Lesson learned as marketers

5) Your comments/suggestions/recommendations for marketers

This presentation is the result of an in-depth research study from the marketers’ perspective, not an “introductory.”Presenting student should note in delivery to audience (representing future marketers), so focus is on how these marketers can benefit from this presentation. Students must demonstrate creativity in presentation with relevant, colorful slides, video integration, or other creative medium. Must include speaker notes.

Title : Franchising

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