Military Involvement WWI

Question:  Was America a safer, more well-protected democracy as a result of its military involvement in World War I?

To answer this consider the cause and effect relationship of the following events:

1) Unrestricted submarine warfare

2) root causes for the war (nationalism and imperialism)

3) Zimmerman Telegram

4) Trench warfare (U.S. experience)

5) Russian Revolution/ (Operation Archangel)

6) Wilson’s Fourteen Points/ Results of Versailles Treaty/ League of Nations

7) Collapse of Imperial Germany (Rosa Luxemburg and the Socialist Revolution)

8) Chapters 3-5 of the Daniel’s monograph, Not Like Us. 

You will need to address all these concepts into your report using the primary and secondary documents.  Take your time to carefully study the following documents.  All responses should be a minimum of four paragraphs in length.  Your work will need to greatly contribute to a more solid understanding of how World War I, arguably, shaped the twentieth century. Make sure to include a work cited page.

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