Read the “politically correct” version of Cinderella by CLICKING HEREPreview the document, which is essentially a satirical view of the traditional Cinderella story.  This story is not intended to be read to children, but it’s pure satire.  In satirizing the story of Cinderella, it draws our attention to things that perhaps we should question when we think about fairytales.

I want you to consider how Cinderella and other fairytales shape our ideas of gender roles (particularly in Western culture). Remember, from our first week in class, that one of the four functions of myth is its sociological one – one that informs us of our place in society.


1) Write an Introduction that catches my attention with some fun fact or story (maybe about your favorite fairytale and perhaps how you’ve seen the socio-political undertones within it that you didn’t know before or didn’t realize as a child or perhaps something interesting you learned prepping for this paper or by taking this class – relating to fairytales and gender roles of course). After that be sure to briefly outline (in 1 or 2 sentences max) the connections you intend to make between fairytales (include Cinderella and others) and gender roles. Please name the specific fairytales you intend to discuss (title only is fine). Save the details for the body of your paper.

2) In the next 3 paragraphs, identify and explain 3 different gender role expectations and relationships that traditional fairytales express. Use the general fairytale of Cinderella and your other fairytales to explain where you see these gender role expectations being implemented. Essentially, each paragraph should be about a specific gender role expectation you noticed in common through the various fairytales you read (as research). You need to further consider WHY these fairytales included these gender role stereotypes, WHAT purpose they had for the cultures they were written for, and HOW they may have shaped our current understanding of gender roles in our society. You will be able to find all of this through research.

3) In your fourth paragraph I want you to examine the PC version of Cinderella in more detail. In other words, using exaggerations and politically correct humor, how does this story highlight the roles women and men play in traditional fairytales? Use specific examples from the politically correct version and how that differs from the traditional story of Cinderella to demonstrate and support your points.

4) In your conclusion paragraph, you should wrap up your general ideas by re-writing them (in a different way than you did before) and finish by telling me how fairytales and myths in general can be used to reaffirm gender roles in our society. Please be conclusive and concise in your conclusion.

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