Negotiation And Conflict Resolution(W2Response2)

 Discussion-2-1by Anup Samudrala – Friday, 31 August 2018, 6:57 PM

Initiation:  This is first and important stage of negotiation where people may try to give a proposal or can directly jump into the negotiation. In the initial phase mostly there are three things which people usually do they are appealing for a task, requesting for the work and adjusting the request based on the response. An example of the failing this step could lose the negotiation completely. If a capable employee of a company didn’t initiate a hike in the salary and leaves the company for a better salary both the employee and the company will be affected that is the reason without this step any party cannot be benefited.

Problem Solving: Once the initial phase of the negotiation is done between them the next phase it comes to is problem solving this phase also plays another vital role. After the cause and explain nation or clarification of any negotiation this is the step where they focus on the actual conflicts and problems that arrived during their proposal. In this phase the counter part of negotiation and reason for the argument is made in a recorded document and try to resolve the issues. As negotiation is a two sided effort we need to make sure from both the sides the uncertainties should be resolved.

Resolution: Negotiation usually occurs when the two parties having different mindset on a solution. Such as an employee want to increase his pay he might be asking for a 100 percent increase whereas the company wanted to give him a fifty percent of hike as whatever employee is requesting is not reasonable. During these the negotiation occurs between the employee and its employer and finally they will come to a resolution. In this scenario assume a 75 percent increase where the company and employer are willing to accept this how the company could save its value employee and even the employee gets benefited both of them are satisfied.

Read and respond to the above post. Write up to 150 words using APA format.

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