Object Analysis Assignment

Analysis, on the other hand, invites us to examine the world in new ways and from fresh perspectives in order to create new knowledge.  In this way, analysis is a mechanism of progress, but only when preceded by careful and thorough investigation.

In “The History of Writing Technology,” Brian Gabrial suggests that, in the context of writing, the human finger can be considered technology when he describes it as “likely, the first writing hardware.” In this way he invites us to see the historical significance of something as mundane as a pencil.

For this assignment, you will choose one form of reading or writing technology that you use today as your topic of investigation.  You will conduct research in order to describe the technology, it’s creation, it’s evolution, it’s means of production and distribution. Furthermore, you will consider the historical/social/cultural implications of your “object.” In essence, you will be creating a “History of Writing Technology.”

You are required to work with a minimum of 3 sources for this assignment.

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