Observations And Interviews(WK-5-DQ-1) (6-12-18)

Observations and Interviews

Discussion instructions:

The four methods covered this week for measuring personality include observations, interviews, checklists, and rating scales. For this assignment, focus on the use of observations and interviews as you create a posting that includes the following elements:

  • comparisons and contrasts on the use of observations and interviews in assessing personality, which can include the types, strengths and weaknesses, reliability,
  • validity, ethical concerns, or demographic issues of each method;
  • explanation of when one of these methods might be preferred over the other; and
  • explanation of the clinical judgment issues that might play a role in using these methods to assess personality.

Be sure to put all information in your own words, cite accordingly, and include a list of references used in APA format. Your post should be at least 300 words.

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