Parts Of A Grant Proposal

You have been asked by your employer to apply for a grant to support further research on your course project topic.

In a written paper, define the steps necessary to complete your grant proposal. Include a summary of each section that would need to be included along with estimated budget and potential funding sources. To rule out or to support your use of human subjects, examine the policies and regulations outlined by National Institutes of Health (NIH). Use the Revised Policy for IRB Review of Human Subjects Protocols in Grant Applications. For each of the six (6) items outlined in the Policy, compare to the requirements of your grant proposal (i.e., does the grant support the use of human subjects or require additional steps for funding). Summarize your comparative findings in your paper and include an evaluation of using human subjects. Your paper should be in APA format and be 3 pages in length.

Revised Policy for IRB Review of Human Subjects Protocols in Grant Applications:

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