Personal And Family Finance

What interests you about personal and family finance and what do you hope to gain from taking this course.


Answer these questions:
1. What was your relationship to money growing up?

2. Do you feel, looking back, like you got a good education about money, either at home or at school?

3. If you have debt, what are your strategies and philosophies for paying it down?

4. What is something you understand about money now that you wish you had before.

5. What is one of your biggest money-related mistakes that you’ve made? What did you learn from it, and what do you do differently now?

6. How do you deal with financial setbacks when they happen?

Since we will be communicating digitally, please review the Netiquette link ( and explain in your own words what Netiquette is all about.

Watch the videos Video: Are you ready for online learning? (2:12min) and Video: Get Ready for Online Classes (8:24 min). Take the quizzes Are you ready for Online Learning? and the Are you ready for Online Learning (2). Comment about what you will need to do to be successful in this online course based on the videos and reviews/scores you received.


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