Case/Problem Project:
Individually select one of the Problems/cases below to prepare a written response. 90 points total.

Ethical Case requirements:
Minimum of 3 pages (no maximum number of pages) – page count does not include the cover page and reference page
Reply to the following:
1) What is the ethical issue?
2) What are your options?
3) What are the possible consequences?
4) What should you do?
5) Address the IMA Professional Standards in your solution, be sure to reference THE IMA standards in the Reference Page
6) Answer all questions at the end of the Problem/Case

Written Assignment Expectations:
All written work should be presented in a professional style and follow basic principles of effective written communication:
• Double-spaced
• 1-inch margins
• 12 pt. font
• APA standards, including proper APA Citation
• Free from grammatical and/or typographical errors
• Demonstrates graduate-level critical thinking, reflection, and analysis skills
• Demonstrates the ability to develop original deliverables. This means students will not simply paraphrase readings or other sources. All graduate-level work requires analysis of information followed by the application of information and synthesis of original concepts or solutions.
• All written work submitted will be graded on both composition and content.
• All work must be developed utilizing an appropriate MS Word.

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