Policy Position Paper

complete a position paper on a specific public policy issue. The position paper should provide

1) a brief summary of the problem on which the issue is focused and the context within which that problem is set

2) a review of the pros and cons of the major alternative choices that are feasible; 3) your suggested policy (position)

4) some of the necessary implementing steps that would be needed to achieve the recommended policy.

The position paper APA style will be addressed to the policy maker audience. It should be double spaced, 4-5 pages excluding the title and reference pages. All cited work should be properly referenced and at least four published peer-reviewed journal articles should be included. This paper has to be submitted through turn it in therefore ZERO plagiarism or i will request a full refund. Please see below a list of public policy issues to pick from only pick one to write the paper.

  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Free Speech
  • Nationalized Healthcare
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Death Penalty
  • Gun Control
  • Drug Decriminalization
  • Military Conscription (compulsory enlistment)
  • Free Trade
  • Paris Agreement
  • Raising Minimum Wage
  • “Building a Wall”
  • Affirmative action in schools
  • Flat Tax
  • Charter Schools
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA policy)
  • Contraceptive coverage
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