Due Week 9: 240 points In business, power and politics greatly influence an organizational culture in turn hinder organizational productivity. In your role as consultant for American Airlines you observed power and politics influence on the corporate culture.

INSTRUCTIONS Create a double-spaced 5 to 7 page report that addresses the following:

1) Influence of Politics andPower • Explain how politics and power-play may haveinfluenced the organization’s culture.

2) Sources of Power • Explore the sources of power and describe how management could use this influence to benefit your department and improve organizational performance.

3) Leadership Behavior andCulture • Make recommendations that support how the study of power and politics could influence leadership behavior and improve the organization’s culture.

4) Leadership Influence • Discuss the importance and complexity ofleadership behavior. How does it influence organizational structure and performance?

5) References and Citations • Provide at least 2 quality resources. • In-textcitationsarerequiredwhenparaphrasing orquoting another source.

6) Formatting and WritingStandards • Formatting and writing standards are part of your grade.

APA Format 12pt Times New Roman

Text Book:

Organizational Behavior

13TH EDITIONMary Uhl-BienUniversity of NebraskaJohn R. Schermerhorn, Jr.Ohio UniversityRichard N. OsbornWayne State University

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