Group Project Description:

Project Steps

  • As a group, identify/list a research question(s) that you are interested in exploring. It should be marketing related. Write out some hypotheses (at least 3 to 4, but no more than 6 or 7) about the research question(s).
  • Create a short marketing research survey that examines the research question(s).
  • Evaluate the data from respondents who took the survey.
  • Determine if the data supports the hypotheses. It doesn’t matter if they did support them–only that you correctly assess if they supported them. Include some key numbers and charts that show support for your statements.

Project Report Submission–Create a powerpoint and submit it in Canvas (one submission per team):

  • Slide 1–team info (list of names) and written out research question(s) and hypotheses,
  • Slide 2–provide review of the survey questions. What was asked, how was it asked–to what extent could the questions have been better (think to the videos/slides on survey question design).
  • Slide 3–describe the survey sample demographics (hopefully you collected some demographics so you can describe the age, gender, income, ethnicity, location, education, family, etc of the respondents as a group),
  • Slides 4 and 5–present the results of analysis (can be numbers from pivot tables, regressions, correlations, etc., or it could be charts/tables with data summaries), and
  • Slides 6–state your conclusions regarding hypotheses support or lack there of and the research questions

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