Practice Concepts And Basic Data Analysis QRB

Use the internet to find one example of each of the following graphs:

  • Line      graph
  • Bar      graph (horizontal or vertical bars are acceptable)
  • Pie      graph
  • Suppose you were presenting these graphs to a group of      people (clients, co-workers, friends, etc.) who are not mathematically      savvy.
    Create a 7- to 10-slide presentation with speaker notes that      provides a non-technical explanation of each graph. Remember, you are      addressing people who probably do not like or understand mathematical      terms.
    For each graph, include the      following: Screenshot of your graph.
  • For      the line graph, what are the labels on the horizontal and vertical      axes?
  • For      the bar graph, what labels are on the bars? What is being measured in this      graph? (Hint: look at the axis label.)
  • For      the pie graph, what is the title, in other words, what is it measuring?
  • How      would you improve each graph if at all? Is anything missing, misleading,      or perhaps just wrong with this graph?
  • What      would be the appropriate measure(s) for central tendency (mean, median,      mode) to display with each graph?
  • What      measure of dispersion (range, standard deviation) would be best?
  • Provide      a reference citation for the source of your graph so your facilitator can      find the graph online. Note: sometimes information changes      from day to day on websites, hence the reason for the required screenshot      in first bullet point above.

Note: If you are having difficulty finding graphs here are a few places to consider looking:

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