Preparation For Writing And Persuasive Writing

Peruse any three of the following PR blogs: PRNewser, Ragan’s PR Daily, PRsay, Spin Sucks, Meltwater, PR Conversations, Influence & CO, Bulldog Reporter: On Deadline Blog, orMuck Rack Daily.

Consume media to become familiar with the media you may be contacting and pitching as a PR professional. Focus on national media this week. Browse several major newspapers (in print or online), such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times. Watch national news programs or broadcast and cable networks, such as ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, PBS NewsHour, CNN New Day, or Fox News America’s Newsroom.

Prepare by reading, watching, and listening to the national news media. (See required readings above.)

Reflect on a widely covered national news item that caught your attention this week.

For the Discussion Forum, please:

Summarize the basic story/facts in one paragraph.

Discuss how it was covered across all the media outlets you read/watched, noting similarities and differences.

Answer these questions:

Were the differences due to the type of medium?

Were the differences due to the particular reporter or media outlet covering the issue?

Did you have a personal reaction to any of the stories?

What did you learn from reading or watching this story?

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