Prescription Labels

It is very important for everyone to understand the information found of a drug label, especially healthcare individuals.

Pick five of the drugs from the Top 200 list (from the Physician’s Desk Reference,, and make medication/prescription labels for each of them. You can use or modify the attached template as a starting point or create your own prescription label.

The label should include the following:

  • Drug Name
  • Strength of Drug
  • Instructions on how and when to take this drug
  • Physical description of the drug
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Required Federal Caution Statement
  • Drug Side Effects/Warnings

You can use fictional information for the following:

  • Pharmacy Name & Address
  • Pharmacy Phone
  • Patient name and address
  • Number used by Pharmacy to identify your prescription number (RX number)
  • Number of times you can refill the drug
  • Number of pills in the bottle
  • Date the drug was filled by the pharmacy
  • Doctor’s Name
  • Discard/expiration date of the drug

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