Privacy Policy

At Pro Academic Writing, we consider the confidentiality of our interactions with our customers to be a fundamental aspect of our operations. As such, we have a clear privacy policy that guarantees our clients about their privacy and, specifically, concerning their personal information and their transactions with us. Upon enlisting as a customer, one would be required to provide some personal information about themselves. This information includes one’s name, email address, and phone number. The rationale behind this requirement is to facilitate easier and effective communication between our clients and us. In particular, we use the information provided to inform our customers about the progress of their orders, as well as in making clarifications about the instructions provided and addressing any urgent concerns. It is worth noting that thus information is encrypted in our site and that Pro Academic Writing does not share nor lease such details with other unauthorized third parties.

Also, some clients may be concerned about the confidentiality of their personal financial information. However, you can be assured that we do not have access to such information as it is held and handled solely by the payment processor of your choice and which is secure. Our contractual agreements with the processor do not allow us to divulge or even access such information.


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