Pro/Con Chart

Pro/Con Chart

In order to write an argumentative research paper effectively, writers must think of both arguments and counterarguments. This assignment will allow you to practice developing these ideas.  It also allows you to critically examine and revise your thesis statement as you analyze arguments that support and contrast your original thesis.

Revisit the site, Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. Read the section on “Anticipating Opposition.” Create a Pro/Con Chart about your primary argument and try to list at least four positive and four potentially negative aspects of your argument. Use Microsoft Word’s Table menu to create your chart. You simply click Table > Insert Table and then choose the number or rows (number of items under whichever side has the most items, Pro/Con) and columns (2).

Be sure to fully address counterarguments, since it will be important to consider them when you complete your research paper. Counterarguments should be refuted, doing so in a respectful and thoughtful way.


• Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. (2014). Anticipating opposition (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Retrieved from

Use the paper attached to complete this assignment.  Thanks!

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