Project Management

Project Organizational Design Summary and WBS

For this assignment, you will the evaluate different types of project management organizations, describe the role and responsibilities of a project manager, and analyze various aspects of team collaboration and stakeholder influences. Additionally, you will develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


Part 1: Project Organizational Design Summary Analysis

Develop a 4–5-page summary, including the following:

  • Describe the project management organizational types and which one best describes the business or IT project that you selected in Part 1 of Assignment 2.
  • Describe the project management performance metrics associated with your organization type.
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of a project manager.
  • Evaluate the aspects of project team dynamics, project communication techniques, and stakeholder influences.
  • Evaluate project management software.
Part 2: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) based on your selected business or IT project.
  • WBS should include, at a minimum, four levels.

Reminder: Examples of business or IT project types:

  • Examples of business projects include (but are not limited to): planning a company event, planning a traditional wedding, construction, or other projects with a business-oriented focus.
  • Examples of IT projects include (but are not limited to): ERP implementation, Web site development, WAN design, IT security, et cetera.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Number of resources: At least 3 current scholarly or professional resources for Part 1.
  • Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA guidelines for style and formatting.
  • Length: 4–5 double-spaced pages for Part 1. WBS requires, at a minimum, four levels.
  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Submission: Be sure to include all parts in your submission.

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