Project Management Unit VIII Powerpoint Presentation

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

Final Project Plan: PowerPoint Presentation

You developed your project plan in the last unit. In this unit, you are going to present your plan in a PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to the title and references slides, you should have one slide for each of the required elements from your project

plan, for a total of 10 slides.

Your PowerPoint presentation will include the same elements as your final project plan in Unit VII; see below.

1. Title slide

2. Project Overview

3. Project Mission Statement and Scope Statement

4. Project Schedule and Control

5. Project Management Structure and Budget

6. Work Breakdown Structure

7. Risk Management Process

8. Project Communication

9. Project Closure

10. References slide

This is an academic presentation. Use the notes section of PowerPoint to clarify your points and to write out your narrative.

Your slides should be clear, concise, and professional. Use graphs, charts, and other visual aids to enhance your

presentation. Be sure to cite and reference the textbook at a minimum, and follow APA style.

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