Proposal Template

  • In a career setting, it is very common to complete several project proposals for clients. For this reason, most project managers have templates that they reuse and modify for each client/proposal.
  • Choose a preexisting or create a custom project proposal template.Template must be appropriate for the contents of your project 
  • (Daycare for the Special needs)
  •  Template must include section headings for each category of your project.
  1. Title or Title Page
  2. Project Summary/Abstract
  3. Needs Assessment
    1. The nature and extent of the problem/opportunity/challenge
    2. Factors contributing to the problem/opportunity/challenge
    3. The impact of the problem/opportunity/challenge
    4. Data to support the project including promising approach
  4. Vision and Mission Statement/Objectives and Strategies
    1. The satisfactory condition that will exist if the situation is eliminated, prevented, or improved
    2. The overall, long-term condition desires for our program recipient
    3. The mission of the organization
    4. Organization strengths
  5. Action Plan
    1. Project plan narrative
    2. Scope of work form
  6. Budget
    1. Major costs divided into fixed and variable categories
    2. Indirect costs and cost sharing strategies
    3. Budget narrative
    4. Budget worksheet
  7. SWOT Analysis
  8. Evaluation Plan
    1. Evaluation goals
    2. Evaluation design
    3. Reporting procedures
  • I will include my project as a power point that I have done.

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