“Protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII)”

“Protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII)”

Your labs focus on Personal Identifiable Information (PII), which companies are responsible for protecting. Companies collect this information from employees and clients and typically store it in a database, making this an attractive target to hackers.

  • Using the Internet, research methods you think corporations can use to protect themselves and their customers from security breaches involving PII. What tools or methods could you recommend to a company interested in determining the exposure of PII? Share your examples with your classmates and provide links to any useful resources you find.
  • After reading a few classmate postings, reply to the ones where you learned something new, or have something to add.  Get in early to post your initial response to keep the discussion going.

Additional post option: Based on what you’ve learned about corporate security practices, how can personal computer users protect their PII? What advice would you give?

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