Purchasing And Supply Chain Management.

 The maximum length of the essay response is four (4) pages, no matter what line spacing is used. Use a blank line between paragraphs, “1” margins top/bottom/sides, and Arial 12-point font. Any charts, graphs, tables, reference lists, table of contents, face pages, title page, or PowerPoint presentations do not count toward the total page count. Number all pages .

Essay questions:  Which topics below do you consider the most important topics when it comes to purchasing and supply chain management and why did you consider them to be the most important topics?


Contract Management

Financial Fundamentals for Contracting Professionals

Getting to Win-Win

Purchasing Law and Ethics

Lean Supply Chain Management

Business Alternatives for Meeting Customer Needs

Supply Chain Information Systems and Electronic Sourcing

E-Business and End-to-End Procurement Process

Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Purchasing and Supply Strategy Trends

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