Purchasing & Materials Management Assignment (Need In 6 Hours)

Ross Wood. Please respond to the following:
-Describe and explain the pros and cons of subcontracting logistics for a building or moving enterprise. (4-7 sentences)

-Provide recommendations to Claude Dakin in Case 16-1. (See attachment) (4-7 sentences)

-Explain, in addition to Ross Wood’s reason, why taking over the responsibility for accounts payable might be the only way. (4-7 sentences)

-Describe an alternative way and provide a rationale. (4-7 sentences)



Please respond to the following:
-Describe  what elements are most valuable to your learning in this course such as  reading the textbook, listening to lectures, discussions, writing  papers, etc. (4-7 sentences)

-Describe what you remember most about this course. (4-7 sentences)

-Persuade a fellow business major why taking this course is in their best interest. What would you say to be persuasive? (4-7 sentences)

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