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Read the attached documentPreview the document  that outlines a day in the work life of Jim, a kitchen manager.  Determine the things that Jim has done incorrectly or things that should  be done differently to protect the assets of the company and the  integrity of the purchasing and receiving functions. How should Jim have  handled the situations differently? What are the possible consequences  of his actions? What specific things should the company do differently?  Respond substantively to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

This is the attached document


Jim is ready to start the

second week of his new job



o far, everything is going great! He is the

new kitchen manager for his favorite restaurant.

This job includes handling all of the purchasing

and receiving functions for the kitchen.

This is a great

opportunity and he knows it. He has

worked here for several years


and he knows some

of the problems in the kitchen,


purchasing to the

problems with his


sers. But

today is the day that this kitchen will change.

It is a Monday morning and Jim knows

that his old boss always started Mondays with an

inventory of a

ll the food in the restaurant, so

he feels confident that the inventory numbers are



, he hea

ds into work ready to start the

week. He has to place the order today

for Friday d

elivery. He knows that there is a major basketball tournament in town and that they

will probably be a lot more busy than usual.

Jim is pleasantly surprised to find a parking lot f

ull of cars when he arrives, so

he hurriedly parks

his car and runs into th

e kitchen to help the cooks through this rush. He is expecting a delivery of

fresh tomatoes this morning. His tomato supplier is pretty dependable


always arrives

between 6:30 and 7:00 am. Since it is already 6:30, Jim leaves the door unlocked so the to


guy can get in.


fter about 10 minutes, Jim and his cooks send the last order out of the kitchen. Just as Jim is

finishing up on the line,

Justin, the tomato guy arrives

on time, as usual. J


pushes several

large boxes of tomatoes into the store

and walks into the cooler

to drop

off the tomatoes. He

walks over to Jim and they chat for a few minutes. Justin hands Jim the invoice. Jim signs and

Justin is on his way.

Jim has a busy day ahead. He needs to place his order and he needs to get next week

’s schedule

ready. He lost 3 cooks and 2 bus


when the ol

d kitchen manager was fired, so

he also has a

few interviews planned for today. In addition, the order that he placed on Friday will arrive

sometime today.

Jim decides to work on his order first.

He runs a report on the POS that indicates what was sold

last week. When he compares this to what he


last week, he f


that he ha


a real gift

for determining exactly what

is needed, so

since he is expecting to be extra busy, he decides to


e what he ordered last week.

The breakfast rush is starting, so Jim jumps back on the line to

help get the orders out. Wow, it is already 10:00 and Jim still has a lot to do.

Jim starts to work on the schedule. His c

ooks are not too happy about it,

but they are all

scheduled for overtime next week. This is because of the cooks that were lost during the

transition. As J

im is working on this schedule

, he is glad to see the delivery truck arrive. Jim

watches as the delivery guy pushes in box after box.

The nice thing is that the delivery driver

puts it all away

, so

Jim doesn’t have to do much more than watch. He takes a look at last week’s

sales information while the driver is unloading everything. When

the driver

finishes putting

everything away, he br

ings an invoice over. Jim signs it and gets back to his schedule.

Jim works on the schedule for a few minutes and his applicants for the kitchen position begin to
arrive. Jim is thrilled to learn that they are each available to start immediately. So, with
hesitation, Jim offers them each a job
and his scheduling problems are solved.
With this problem
behind him, Jim looks at his watch and realizes that
it is almost time for lunch, so
he prepares to
head back to the cook’s line for the afternoon rush.
Well, another
Monday lunch is over, so
Jim just needs to finish up his

do list
and this Monday
is over. Jim and his best friend, Steve, have been discussing the food orders. Steve works for a
large food supplier. Steve drops in on Jim to discuss the foo
d orders for his restaurant.
hey sit
down and Jim tells the cook to make a couple of burgers and fries.  They may as well eat while
they are talking.
fter discussing the latest on all of their mutual friends, Steve tells Jim that it
would be awesome if h
e could get th
is order, since t
he commission on a customer of th
would really help Steve and his family. Steve reminds Jim that they are best friends and he
would never cheat him. He promises that he will get him
the best prices on everything, s
o th
finish their lunch and they have a deal. They seal it with a handshake. Then they head back to the
kitchen, where Jim shows him the order that he was planning to place before heading out. Steve
assures him that he will handle it and the owners will be t
hrilled because
they are going to save a
lot of money on food.
Feeling pretty good about his day, Jim decides that he is almost ready to go home. He takes a
final look at his schedule and files the paperwork for the order received today. Then, he takes a
walk around the kitchen to make sure that everything is ready for dinner tonight. After this is
done, Jim walks around and locks the walk

in freezer, the liquor closet
and the back door. He
tells everyone goodnight and heads home, pleased with the product
ivity of his day.

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