Question 1: Everyone responds to question 1

Question 1: Everyone responds to question 1

The Abreu article you were asked to read this week presents a list of benefits for an organization in developing a culturally diverse workforce. Select one of the benefits Ms. Abreu identified and summarize your understanding of the benefit and why you believe this benefit is important. Use the recommended articles to support your arguments and views. Be sure to explain your ideas and support your arguments fully. And last, what does do these benefits mean to you as an HRM? What policies might you develop and implement as HRM to ensure your company achieves these benefits?

Question 2: Leading companies for diversity- share an example

Visit the website and find their latest “top 50 list.”  Choose one of the companies, trying to avoid duplication of other students.  Find additional information on this company’s diversity program (suggest the company’s site). Describe the major components of the company’s diversity program and what makes it successful in terms of diversity.

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