Reading & Writing: Pride And Prejudice & White Teeth

Reading Assignment:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen  &  White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Please, Read Carefully and Critically. TV and film adaptations can not be substitute for it.

Writing Assignment:
1. Responses: From each book copy 3 quotations that you find particularly meaningful. Type a well-developed one-paragraph response to each quotation (so 6 total).

Explain How the quotation deveopls an essential insight into the personality of a character or how it develops one of the book’s major themes.

Paragraph must be clear, organized, concise and grammatically correct.

2. Creative Writing : For each book, write a typed page from the perspective of one character  from the book (so 2 total). Be creative, but also prove to me that you know the character and understand his or her motivation, values, and style of speaking.

*You must have read the White teeth & Pride and Prejudice*
*Writing should not have any grammatical problem*
*You can not copy & paste from other sources”
*No late work*
*1-in margin / Times New Roman / font size 12 / single space *
*Writing 1 : 3 paragraphs for each book (total of 6 paragraphs)*
*Writing 2 : 1 page for each book (total of 2 pages)*

I will be asking for a full refund if you don’t follow the rules
(I have  bought more than 20 assignments from tutors and only refunded 1)

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