Research A Business

You will choose an organization on which to carry out an analysis of the current organization and management practices and identify problems and/or opportunities. You will develop the appropriate recommendations, strategies, and implementation plan.  You will create a written professional analysis, which includes recommendations. Your report should include the following sections:

1. Compay Information

– What does the company do?

– Where is it located?

– What is the company history?

– Determine the competition in the industry. Who is the industry leader? What is the size of the entire industry?

– Describe the corporate culture.

2. Staffing

– Find information for those seeking employment. What is the recruitment process?

– What are the minimum job requirements?

– What is the compensation?

– What are the benefits?

– Are there currently any job openings with this company? Describe one.

– Have there been any employment issues? Lawsuits, sexual harassment, affirmative action, employment discrimination

3. Strategic Planning 

– What is the company’s mission statement?

– Perform a SWOT analysis

– Research examples of three strategies (growth/retrenchment) used by the company in its past and describe the situation

4. Organizational Structure 

– Research the company’s organization chart. If you cannot locate the official chart, construct one to be included with the report (the top employees are listed inn the annual report)

5. Personal Viewpoint

– Discuss how you think this company is operating in terms of its organization and management.

– Discuss the current organization and management practices. Identify potential problems and/or opportunities facing the company, and develop some recommendations, strategies, and implementation plan.

– State whether you would work for this company and why.


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