Research Paper Describing Decision Structure

For this assignment, write a research paper that defines and describes one of the three decision structures and the types of information systems that are used to support the decision structure that you selected.

The following points will be addressed regarding decision structures and the information systems that support those structures:

  1. Define the decision structure you select using multiple sources.
  2. Describe and analyze the information systems supporting the decision structure you select using the information found in your research.
  3. Identify at least three examples of information systems.
  4. Compare and contrast the three example information systems using your source information.
  5. List and critique any improvements to the systems that are recommended by your research sources.

The assignment will:

  • exhibit college-level writing, grammar and punctuation.
  • Include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Include a minimum of five (5) sources external to the explorations and text used for this course.
    • All sources properly cited using APA citation guidelines (see Research Module in course content).  Papers without cited sources will be assigned a grade of zero.
    • No wikis of any kind are allowed as sources for this paper.  Your grade will be reduced by 10% for each source that is a wiki.
  • Properly cite sources using APA citation guidelines.

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