Research Paper On_Access Control, Authentication And Public Key Infrastructure

Research Paper Guidelines 

• Cover Page (1 page)_Project Name – Class Name – Date – Student Name

• Table of Contents (1 page)

• Introduction (1 page)_Describe the chosen topic – Tell us why do you think this topic is important Research Paper Guidelines

• Literature Research/Findings (2 pages)_Describe findings and sources – Support/reason your choices of sources

• Analysis (2 pages)_Analyze findings as related to your chosen topic – Group your findings in major categories, as needed – Describe what do you think is the most valuable information you have found and why? – Future developments and trends Research Paper Guidelines

• Applications (3 pages)_ What kind of applications do you see for the chosen research topic – Describe possible benefits to various companies or organizations if your finding goes practical – Describe possible obstacles/challenges to the implementation of your findings to practical situations – Consider cost implications – Consider social/ethical/cultural implications Research Paper Guidelines

• Conclusion and Recommendation (1pages) – Outline main conclusion(s) of your research paper – Outline any recommendation(s) and why?

• References (1 page)

Research Paper Guidelines Notes:

• The choice of topic is from the subjects covered in this course. Please check your textbook and related/included links for further research. Please also look at various Case Studies in your textbook.

• The paper has to be typewritten in MS Word;

• All writing/formatting must be in the APA style guid

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