Research Proposal

Case Study

Background to the problem

ALD Services Pty Ltd is an Australian demolition company that specializes in interior demolition of walls, ceiling, flooring and utility services. ALD services also provide services such as labor and equipment hire, cleaning and rubbish removal. It was established on Sydney in November 2008. Since then, it has expanded to Melbourne and Brisbane. ALD specializes in deconstruction i.e. a unique dismantling of building components that allows the reuse of the demolition wastages.

In the recent years, ALD has been facing uncertainty and downfall as they aren’t able to complete the project within the given time frame. The main reason for this delay of the project is because of the rising accidents and disputes in the working site . The number of major and minor casualties has increased by 20% in this year than the previous. So far the main causes of the accidents and hazards at site has been identified as following:

Negligence of safety manual by workers.
Lack of employee training for risky works.
Irresponsible supervision by the site supervisors.
Management decision

How can we minimize risks and hazards at site?

Research question

What are the causes for rising disputes and hazards at the work sites?


To make work site safe
To resolve disputes
To minimize the number of injuries
To deliver the project on time


1. Introduction and Background (1/2 page max)

Highlight the key issues/symptoms that have led to the problem/opportunity arising using paragraph structure, not bullet point form.

2. Management problem (100 words)

What is the decision management have to make? How will the research assist with that decision? Discuss in one paragraph with relevant information included.

3. Literature review

Approx 700 words; minimum of 10 references including a mix of refereed journal articles and practitioner sources.

You must describe a conceptual model that is directly relevant to your particular project, not just the general topic under investigation. In-text citations are essential in the literature review and all 10 source/references should be cited in the discussion where they are relevant. A better literature review will be analytical, not just descriptive.

4. Research Design (in five parts; 800-1,200 words total). The Zikmund et al. (2016) textbook, or other suitable business research methods textbook, should be used to write and reference this section.

a. Overall research design and justification. Outline why you have selected the particular research design for your research question. In other words: why do an interview? Why do a survey? Why use social media, etc.)

b. Sources of data for the research, which includes research participants and secondary data. For both primary and secondary data discuss what participants and secondary material are selected, why they were selected and how reliable the information gained might be.

c. Conceptualisation and measurement. If quantitative research, what are the research constructs (IV, DV, CV) and how will they be measured in the proposed research? If qualitative research, what is the research question (and sub questions) you will be addressing.

d. Data collection/generation methods (interviews, surveys, observation, online, social media etc). Why was the particular method chosen?

e. Data analysis. How will the data be analysed? Check Zikmund et al. (2016) to check how various data are analysed. How will you ensure data analysis is rigorous?

5. Ethical issues and limitations of the proposed research. Discuss the ethical issues relevant your research (e.g. confidentiality). Describe the limitations to your research that managers must take into account when making any decision?

6. Proposed time frame and budget of the research. Discuss how the research could be conducted in a three-month time frame and what possible expenses may be involved (purchase of Survey Monkey subscription, for example). Include a Gantt chart for activities and time frame.

7. Reference List.

Given that this is an academic proposal for business research in a Master’s level course, in-text citations and a full Reference List in the correct Harvard style are essential.

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