Role Of A Manager

Deliverable Length:  3 pages, excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page.

For this assignment, assume the role of a manager of an assisted living facility. In a 3 page paper, answer the following questions. Support your answers with research from the library and the web.

  • What are some of the needs, both physical and emotional, of the residents in your facility that you need to be sure to address?
  • How can you help families grapple with the decision of moving a loved one to an assisted care facility?
  • Discuss the physical, biological, and psychological contexts specifically, i.e., what are some of the physical, biological and psychological considerations for residents entering an assisted living center?
  • When does a resident of an assisted living facility need to transition to a nursing home or facility with a different level of care?
  • APA Format, Referenced< and Cited

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