Sex Therapy

The case topic:  Healthy Sexual Functioning in Post-Menopausal Women

Find a specific special topic article that fits your selected subtopic and population.

Create a 10- 12 slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes that includes the following:

· A summary of the pertinent article information (sample, hypothesis, results, limitations, and so on)

· A concise description of your subtopic, as well as why this issue is relevant to the study of sex therapy

· Presenting problems and what, if any, diagnosis might be relevant

· Description of the client (If applicable, include the length of the relationship, ethnicity, children, previous marriages, age, and pertinent biographical information.)

· A brief description of the clinical theory you would use in working with the population chosen: This also include your treatment plan and interventions based on your chosen theory.

· Ethical issues of issues of diversity or cultural difference that would need to be addressed

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