Short Essay On 2 Articles: “Personal Best” & “You Can Grow Your Brain”. Articles Attached

In his article “Personal Best” physician Atul Gawande writes that the traditional model of coaching is “different from the traditional conception of pedagogy, where there’s a presumption that, after a certain point, the student no longer needs instruction” (3).  If this is so, why does Dr. Gawande, a highly educated professional, decide that he wants a coach?  Summarize Dr. Gawande’s views about coaching.  Next, draw a connection between the ideas put forth in Gawande’s essay and the article “You Can Grow Your Brain.”  To conclude, explain how your own knowledge and experiences connect to the ideas put forth in one or both of the essays.

Although there are three parts, you should write a single essay with an introduction that contains a thesis or organizational statement (the main idea of your essay), 2-3 body paragraphs, and a short conclusion.

Articles Attached below !!

DUE- Wednesday: Aug 15,2018

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