Six Question About Production&Genders

  1. A kids’ meal at a restaurant might come with a toy. Are collectible toys different from non-collectible toys (toys that stand alone and do not form part of a set?) in the way that they shape children’s attitudes towards a meal purchase? Please discuss in detail and be sure to defend your response?



  1. In recent years, there has been discussion of banning the practice of using toys to promote sales of kids’ meals at restaurants. Discussion two reasons Why such a ban should be put in place and then discuss two arguments against this type of ban.(2 in favor, 2 against)




  1. Why are some adult products(cars, hotels, airlines) marketed to children? Please discuss at least two reasons Why companies target children with marketing for these products.



  1. In the 1980s, the FTC discussed a proposal to ban advertising to children in USA, Please discuss why the ban was rejected at that time?




  1. Some people are calling for new regulations on advertising that directly targets children. Discuss three arguments that could be used to support such a ban.



  1. Imagine you are at a job interview, the interviewer says to you” so there’s a lot of talk these days about marketing of gendered products. You know, boys’ toys, girl’s toys, that sort of stuff. What are your thoughts on marketing differently to different genders? Write what you would say in response. Be sure to impress the person interviewing you!


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