Social Responsibility

The discussion this week centers on how social responsibility, politics, ethics, and organizational culture impact strategic analysis and choices. There are two discussion questions that will be addressed. Using the articles, “SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: THE NEW CORPORATE IMPERATIVE.” (Myers, R 2017) and “Doing Good in Your Community is Good for Business” (Anderson-Winchell, 2016), along with your weekly learning, construct a table with two columns and label each as follows:

How would for-profit and nonprofit organizations differ in their applications of the strategy formulation framework? Be sure to consider the mission of the organization type and the discussion focus above.

Explain why cultural factors should be an important consideration in analyzing and choosing among alternative strategies. Give either hypothetical or real-world examples with citations to support your theory.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument and a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles/journals, citing any sources referenced.

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