Sociology Reaction Paper:If Men Could Menstruate:

Read :


  • This is an older article that promotes thought about gender and society, still relevant today. 
  •  You will submit a two-page subjective reaction paper to this article. It is your simply your reaction to reading the article. 
  • The paper must be double-spaced, include 1″ margins, with a 12 point Times Roman font, or a similar serif font.  
  • Your name (only) should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of  the paper. Do not place a title, header, or class name on the paper.  Name only.  

The Reaction Paper must be two pages in length.

The Reaction Paper must have 1″ margins, 12 point font, and be double-spaced.

The Reaction Paper must have a clear and concise subjective opinion that is related to the reading.

The reaction paper must have your name (only) in the upper left-hand corner, and have NO heading, title, etc.

  • Please read the below Rubric before beginning this assignment. 

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