Sociology:Reflection Paper: “Why Doesn’t She Leave?”

One of the most commonly asked questions about domestic violence is: “why doesn’t she leave?”

While the question suggests there is a simple answer, survivors, advocates, and academics argue that domestic violence is a complex phenomenon and that in reality there is no simple answer to this question.

Consider some of the viewpoints presented in ; in particular the 10 short videos from the Power and Control link.

It turns out there are many ways you might answer this question. Take a moment and visit this website: (

Next, check out this article by Susan McGee, with a pretty good breakdown of 20 reasons this is the wrong question to ask:

I highlight this deceptively simple but misguided question because it emphasizes something I’d like for you to think about throughout this semester (and ideally for the rest of your lives as a college-educated person):

After you have reviewed the page and watched the videos, write a one page paper discussing:

How you would answer the question, “why doesn’t an abused woman leave?”

Has your perspective changed? If so describe how it changed. Please make reference to any specific information conveyed in the videos that either supported your original view or changed your view.

Your papers should be between 250-500 words and should be proofread for spelling and grammar. Points will be deducted for poorly written papers.

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