Solution-Focused and Narrative Theories Application

Solution-Focused and Narrative Theories Application

After viewing Dr. Corey’s demonstrations of Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy in The Case of Stan videos, compare and contrast how each approach could be applied to the case of Henry (see the case study narrative “The Case of Henry” in the Resources). Specify:

  • How each theory would conceptualize his “problem.”
  • What key concepts can be applied.
  • Two specific interventions (one from each theory) Dr. Corey demonstrated and that you would use with this client.
  • Potential legal or ethical issues that would be important in applying these theories to this case.

This is an extended discussion of 400–500 words. Prepare your response using and citing the assigned readings and videos in this unit.

Response Guidelines

You should respond to the posts of at least two of your peers for each discussion question. These responses should be substantive and contribute to the conversation by respectfully asking questions, engaging in discussion, and offering varying viewpoints. Please review the Faculty Expectations for any other requirements for the peer responses.


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