Strategic Management In Dynamic Environments 2 Pages

Mike, one of the marketing strategists on your team, stops at your office door wanting to talk. “We use fabrics that are made domestically; however, there are issues with using these same fabrics globally. There are laws and regulations that prevent us from shipping these fabrics to other countries. This is a huge concern. One of our primary selling points is the consistency of quality of our product.”  You confirm Mike’s concern, “That’s an excellent point,” you say. “Now you’ve just given yourself and our team more work for the presentation. I’m sure that will come up. One of the board members used to run a textile plant in China.”  Mike nods his head in agreement. “I imagine textiles will not be the only resource concern,” he says.  Consider the following in your response: •Why should resources be a concern in a global strategy?  •What resources may be a concern in the country you selected?   •How will this impact the decision to move to the country that you selected?  •How will this impact your competitive strategy in your global market?  Review the reference materials on global strategy as there is information that may assist with the assignment.

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