Subject:buscontrol Plan Discussion-4

Week 4 Discussion

According to your textbook, Chapter 6, what are the eight (8) steps or stages that should be followed when building your CSIRT? (10 points). For each step, how would you build a CSIRT for your school? (10 points).  According to your Textbook, in no more than three (3) sentences each, define your CSIRT’s Mission, Two (2) Goals, and Two (2) Objectives  

Post response format:

 Part 1. Eight (8) steps or stages  in Building the CSIRT are:

Step 1: Obtain management support and buy-in

Step 2: ……..

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 8.

Part 2. For each of the steps, I will do the following things:

Step 1. Obtain management support and buy-in

  •             Invite all of the top management for a face-to-face meeting to obtain buy-in
  •             Provide Top Management with a list of CSIRT objectives
  •             Persuade Top management to participate

Step 2. Determining the CSIRT Strategic Plan

  • Establish a CSIRT structure and team Model

Part 3.  define your CSIRT’s Mission, list two (2) Goals, and Two (2) Objectives

The Mission of my CSIRT is to

Two goals of my CSIRT are:

Goal 1 –

Goal 2 –

Two of my CSIRT Objectives are:

Objective 1 –

Objective 2 –

DQ requirement: Note that the requirement is to post your initial response no later than Thursday and you must post one additional post during the week. I recommend your initial posting to be between 200-to-300 words. The replies to fellow students and to the professor should range between 100-to-150 words. All initial posts must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly reference

below i am attaching the ppts of chapter-6 so u can look the document and prepare for discussion-4

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