Summary Of Sources

Summary of Sources–Summer 2018

For this assignment, e-mail a memo with four-six of your sources for your consumer report.  You can use the MLA or APA Documentation section of your handbook (you can do either style of documentation).  Or, go to and look at Documentation.   Due Friday, July 13th

For the Summary of Sources assignment, I would like to see at least four of the sources for your Consumer Report. For the actual report, you will need at least six.

Follow the format in the booklet of Sample Assignments. Use the memo format, use the MLA or APA format for each source, then write a one-paragraph summary of each source. Add a conclusion at the end of your memo. As for my response in one week from when you wrote the memo.

The MLA and APA style of documentation is on pages 551-52 in Documenting Sources and you will find information on both MLA documentation and APA documentation. Choose the one which you are most familiar and use it.

That’s it.

Here is the sample of this assignment.

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