System Administration

System Administration


Imagine that you have been hired to be a consultant for a small IT company with 25 people called ABC, Inc. This is a small company that has experienced very rapid growth and they have recently added a development team in India to help with custom software development. As of now, the company is experiencing challenging IT issues, and the individual handling the IT duties is not trained as a system administrator.

Your job as a consultant to ABC, Inc. is to solve its IT challenges by analyzing system administration responsibilities and tasks.


Write a 3–4 page proposal in which you include the following:

  1. Define the current problem and the set of business requirements for the problem you need to solve from a local and global perspective.
  2. Define the stakeholders and company requirements for the proposed system administration. Do not forget to consider the remote development team.
  3. Classify the different types of IT support and IT policies within the organization from both a local and global perspective. Also, consider policies for the remote India branch.
  4. Describe the protection and safety measures the support technicians should consider.
  5. Identify best practices related to professionalism and incident management. Also, discuss the cultural differences between the US and India and how to handle those differences when dealing with professionalism.
  6. Describe a basic troubleshooting strategy for solving system-related technical issues as it relates to this company.

Refer to the System Administration Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment.

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