Teaching Strategies For Special Ed

Special education students are entitled to the least restricted environment.  The least restrictive environment is the educational setting that  most closely resembles a regular school program and also meets the child’s special educational needs.  This means that because of inclusion,  you may have students who qualify for special education services in your regular education classroom even though you are not a certified special education teacher. In this case, you may also be asked to participate in a meeting called an ARD to address the students needs within your classroom.  You should contact the special education lead teacher or special education department chair on campus with your questions about your responsibilities as a teacher and assistance with meeting student needs.

Step 1: Read the Following:

Step 2: Discussion Board Response:

  1. Search the Internet for an article germane to teaching strategies for students with disabilities. (Read the sample article posted as the first thread, “Reading Wednesday Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities.”)
  2. Post the URL of a Web site article you located in the appropriate area in the Discussion Board.
  3. Add a brief annotation explaining why you chose this site.  Create a table showing the teaching strategies, the purpose and the description. (See Reading Wednesday Strategies for a sample of the table.)
  4. After visiting the listed Web sites of your peers, respond to at least two original postings and give your comments on the strategies found.

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