Team Analytical Report – Rough Draft

Using the Team Analytical Report Rough Draft Rubric below for specific grading criteria for this assignment, you will  construct a rough draft of the TAR with your team and submit for grading at the end of the week.            Be sure your rough draft meets the following requirements, as you will be graded on this. In order to receive credit,  and receive the feedback you need to help you turn in an exceptional final draft, your draft:  • Must be complete. Therefore, you must have 3 pages of research-based writing per team member.  ♦ It is expected that development will still be needed, but you should have significant progress to show by this point.  • Must include a reference page that lists all sources used in the draft, in correct APA format.  ♦ You must also show correct in-text citations for ALL sources.  ♦ Minimum 5 sources per team member must be in the draft. • Must have both visuals in place.

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