The Academic Argument Essay Assignment

  • The Academic Argument Essay AssignmentRead and review the attached 104 academic argument essay sheet listed below.
    104 Academic Argument Essay.doc Click for more options
  • AssignmentUnit 4 – Template for the Academic Argument Essay (Click Here to Submit)Assignment Purpose: The second essay in EN 104 is an academic argument with research documented in APA format.  In this assignment, you will use the principles of argument advocate for a position on an issue.  You will use evidence to persuade your reader to see your point of view.

    Assignment Description: Using the APA template in Word, create a template for your academic argument essay.  Include the following:

    • Title page with running head
    • An introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis statement
    • A heading and some notes for background information
    • Headings and some notes for your main point sections
    • A heading and some notes for opposing views
    • A heading for the conclusion
    • A reference page (you don’t need to have your sources, yet, but if you have some, put them on)
    • Assignment Parameters:
      See a sample here: Sample template for the argument essay.docx Click for more options

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