The Ethical Dilemma Case Study (Mental Health)

Write a two (2) page description in your own words about one scenario (of your choice) that is related to your area of professional interest which could present (or has presented) an ethical challenge for you in your workplace/career/profession.

  • Define the conflict.
  • Present THREE different perspectives which can be assumed by three different professional people from the same profession about this issue, and explain the reasons for each perspective.
  • Research information about the ethical, legal and more implications involved with this issue. Consult professional journals, ethical codes, standards of practice, internet and/or other authoritative, evidence-based resources, and give a valid reason why professionals might assume different perspectives about the same issue. 

Then write your recommendation that reflects the application of your professional ethical standards. Three sources are required (3 sources in all). APA style/formatting is required. Your case study should be at least 500 words, excluding the reference and cover pages, and/or any attachments. Be prepared to lead a discussion in class based on your selected case.

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