The History Of Military Social Work

The readings presesnted a brief look at the historical roots and the growth of social wokr within the military and teh VA. From it’s early roots of medical socia lwork inthe Civil War to Global War on Terroism, soicla workers hav ebeen caring for America’s wounded veterans.. Social Workers have been instrumental in implementing many different social reform programsa inteh military, including the family advocay program, substance abuse programa dn the Sexual Assault Prvention and REsponse Office. ¬†Over the past 100 years, social workers have expanded the area of practice from purely metnal health and medical fields of practice into many different areas, and will probably conitnue to do so long into the future.By Thursday

Post a blog post that includes:

* What part of military history suprised you the most?

* An interesting fact from the readings (please use in-text citations)

* Please use at least two (2) different references (two different sources)

* Ask a question to your classmates regarding your reading

* Provide references at the end

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