The Two Witnesses

Write an essay: Revelations Chapter 11

The essay will be a minimum length of 3 pages. At least 3 scholarly sources are to be researched for the writing of each essay, and they are to be properly cited with current Turabian style footnotes and a bibliography (works cited page).
Who are the two witnesses? What is the frame of reference from which John calls them the two olive trees and the two lamp-stands before the Lord? What clues does the nature of their miraculous abilities give about their identity? During what part of the Tribulation do they prophesy? Why are they allowed to be overcome by the Beast at the end of their 1260-day ministry? Does their resurrection and ascension to heaven have broader symbolic significance?

All four margins are to be set at 1 inch, the essays are to be double-spaced, and Times New Roman 12-point font must be used. The title is to be typed on the first line of the first page. The body of the essay must begin on the second line following the title. It is not necessary to include the course ID, your name, or the date on the front of the essay.

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