The Vel D’Hiv Roundup Paper

i need two paper’s, 3 to 5 pages long each, it must be a research paper on the overtaking of the french during the 1940’s by germany. And how the jewish population was blamed for taking french jobs. And the conditions that were present during the roundup. Within this paper i would like to parallel the events happening in today’s world and keep everything written in a neat and professional manner. Once we have come to an agreement i will message you a rubric and what i would like in the paper, your paper will not be my final draft, i will edit your paper to a point that it will not be yours anymore rather more of a team effort type of thing. If your interested please send me a message to inquire with me i will run the paper through several plagiarism test to ensure it is not plagiarized. I would also like a citations page and i’d like them to be somewhat different writing styles and so on and so forth  and for the paper’s to be written in mla format. Too clarify, i need two separate research papers on the topic’s listed above both papers will be on the same topic but should have notable differences when reading them.

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